General Info:

   Must have a waiver on file (online or on-site)

   Age Limit 8+

   Must Bring Your Own Gear!

Everyone is required to take inventory at the beginning of the event, how many darts and what equipment they have. We highly recommend you write your name on your equipment so there is no confusion. We have a small supply of equipment to use. Only soft tipped foam darts are allowed!
(Mega Darts and Rivals are allowed)

   Food/ Drink will be provided and included in price.

   What time does it begin?

Stay tuned


Stay tuned

Nerf Rules:

   Target Spots

The enemy, their clothes, their weapon, or anything else they are holding is hit by a dart then it counts as a hit. The only exception is headshots (see below)

   No Headshots Allowed

Intentional headshots are grounds for punishment or removal from the event. In the event that you were hit with a headshot you are NOT out. A headshot does not count as a hit.

   Shooter Wins When Contesting Hit

If the person hit doesn't think he/she was hit it's up to the shooter.


   Pick Up All Darts When During Dart Pickup, And Put Darts That Are Not Yours In The Community Dart Bin, So Other People Can Retrieve Their Ammo.

You can use whatever you pick up during a round, but when the round is over, you should give back any ammo that doesn't belong to you.

   Modded Weapons

A majority of battles will be within 10-20 ft. So strongly modded blasters must be safe to use at close range. No CO2 usage. Generally any type of blaster that uses foam darts is allowed otherwise. If you have more specific questions regarding your gear please ask ahead of time. Upon arrival if you have modded equipment please check it with a coach.

   Be Ready to Play

When rounds are being started, pay attention and listen to the coaches and wait for directions. Try to keep things moving. If gear breaks or you run out of ammo, don't expect anyone to wait on you.


   No Physical Contact with Other Players

No pushing, pulling, wrestling, hitting, etc. No wrestling weapons away from people.

   Melee Weapons

When hitting with a melee weapon you may only tap the opponent - no hard hits and no throwing. Melee weapons are only allowed when specified.

Game Modes:

Team Deathmatch

Capture the Flag

Pistols or Goldeneye

Mini Humans vs. Zombies

The Dating Game or Blob Game

Double VIP

Attack and Defend

Hostage Situation