Hardkour Ninja Throws One Hardcore Birthday Party

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Picture this: A band of unruly 9-year-olds is running through your living room, brandishing plastic swords and catapulting off of your grandmother’s antique sofa. The same war cry emerges from all of their frosting-stained mouths: “Parkour!!!” Don’t let your child’s birthday party be the end of beautiful parent-child relationships. Schedule a safe and controlled parkour birthday party in Evansville, IN.

Reserve our gym and simultaneously schedule hours of entertainment for your kids. We can teach 5-year-olds and compete with teens. Take advantage of living in Evansville, Indiana and celebrate memorable occasions in the city’s only parkour gym. Contact us for more information about our facilities.

3 reasons to celebrate with the ninjas

3 reasons to celebrate with the ninjas

  • This will be the birthday party to top all birthday parties
  • We’re fully insured by a parkour-certified insurance company
  • When the kids get hooked, they can come again for weekly classes

If you’re feeling enticed by our Evansville, IN birthday party benefits,
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